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Will there be a file for android uses to play on? (Please say yes)


Could you maybe change the part where black is introduced, its kinda wierd that henry is lusting over him at first and imidietly after he says he looks like a kid.

other than that its pretty good, i feel like other vns could really benifit with the memo function to catch up with the story

i cant wait to see asriel dreemur- i mean yoshihide's body

i didn't start yet but i cant wait anyway, do we see it yet?

One question. Will there be Bussys/Bussies?



Help how do you get it in english it looks so good ;'(

3rd option in start menu, then 3rd option again for language setting



Just finished playing the demo... And HOOOO BOY... HOT dragons in all different shapes and sizes...

I was shocked to see the size of the game file despite being labeled as a 'Demo' but when I played it... The quality of the work showed... And the sprites are 👌👌👌 simply one of the best ones I've seen


Dragon danganronpa all I to say

Have to say


No wonder i got the feeling of familiarity when the Demon King sprite appeared in the intro video thing

I hope there's an Android version



Is there an english version for the demo?


Why theres no updates for so long?


Dragon Island will have a full release, it's not meant to be updated by small bits

damn 😔

How long will it takes to be realeased?


woah no way this game has grown up asriel dreemurr gotta play it /j


For those who cant wait: This game is rumoured to possibly come out in the summer of 2023, But I may be wrong so please just hang tight!


Can't wait to read the whole thing once it's out ^˵ᆽ˵^

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Question is the Mc the one getting fucked or is he the one doing the fucking?

I thiiink it's both or versatile


Still waitin' for the android version 😂😂




when will the full v come out?


I have a feeling the exclusive top will be either the art or medic student or the game master is even more of a sadist than he shows and there is no "TRUE TOP" as he says while making the islanders look for someone who doesn't exist.


Just finished the demo, and I loved it. Love the reason of the invitation too x) Will love to see more, you're on a roll with your good games, Kulplant x)


We really need an Android version of Dragon Island. Tbh, it's really unfair that Lunch with Ronan and Hero of Minotaurs have been released with Android versions of the game. But whatever reason you have that is preventing you from doing so, I respect that. I think Dragon Island is a cool game.


I want to Android download it game pls, I can wait for can Android download it game ^ ^



Hot dragons?



really nice visual novel i really like it, the characters and the soundtracks are very enjoyable, but quick question. Is Notes of Hearts dead? I know that this is not the section to ask about a topic that has nothing to do with this game and for that I apologize.


When is the next update?^^


i only have one word for this game:

DrAGooNs <3




We request Android of dragon island

How can I get the english version? 


Neverminded I found it


I love this game, and am here to ask on when do you guys think this will be fully out and if it would cost sometthing.

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I was looking on the Kickstarter and the game along with the rewards are supposed to be given out around September 2023 if you purchased a tier. The lowest tier was around 12 euros so I'm going to guess that's what the cost will be when it finally does come out. 

When to update


Some chances to be on Android?

Waaah I love dragons. Though I thought Henry was a love interest. I find it hard playing as someone hot 🤣

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two things:

1. I know the team is looking to release the full game next summer, but are there any plans to release more small bits of story content to the demo as we get closer to the full release?

2. Is there a viewable changelog for the newest update that released 2 weeks ago?

EDIT 1: it appears the changelog for the demo are at the top of the page and I just missed it


Uhm guys, can you make an android version.? >.>

im stuck i cant find a place to sit


After A Month wanting in continue on Android

hope is Compatible and not with any plugins.

sorry to ask but could any one tell me how i change the language to English

3rd option down, then also the 3rd option down. 

in the settings of the game?


I need it on Android


is their sex scenes in this game?


Love the game! The only thing can we please add scroll back feature or a logs feature sometimes I double click and I can't go back and read the dialog I missed. It would be helpful. Thank you for the great game!

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