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You goes to visit your best friend for a fun weekend of games. There you also get to meet his dad, making the stay more eventful then expected...

Support PC, Android and Mac
Language: English, 简体中文

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Version 1.51 now public!

Update contains continuation of the story, including new CG's and so on.
- non con

Update Log:
- Added new character Harold
- Added continuation of main story
- Added new CGs

Version 1.6 now also available on Patreon. Features new side story going deeper into what happened to Leopold and Hercules.

Update Log:
- Added new side story chapter
- Added new CGs

Download links on http://patreon.com/KulPlant

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Updated 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(183 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Bara, Dating Sim, Dragons, Furry, Gay, NSFW, Romance, sex


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dadvn.kulplant.patreon-151-universal-release.apk 552 MB

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how do i get the smex scene before double dragon

How can I unlock the side story?????? Idk how fr its either I'm dumb or I'm really dumb lmao The SMEX scene is killing me ngl it's so hot I wish Leo was datable lol


you unlock side story by play the main story (it's can't be missed), after unlocked, you can enter side story by start new game from main menu



How do you get The scene after double dragon and before night raid ive tried many diffrent choices but none give me that scene? Also really like The game


Hi some CG's are in side story, after unlocking them by playing the main story, you can get to them in new game

there is a guide to know which path and choice do for make the good choice ? I mean if i miss smth and I can't imagine top siggy's dad I will be sad..


love it!


I loved this VN, it's entertaining while hot at the same time, I'm just wondering if there's an option to only date Sigmund and not both of them


After current route is finished we will work on only Sigurd and only Sigmund route

For some reason i can't play the game  :C it just doesn't want to open the game for me

Hey Kuplant I really like the song on the main screen, could you possibly tell me what is the title of the song, I love your VN, thanks in advanced 

SoloAcoustic5 from audionautix



I really love the game but I wish there was just more Siggy's dad

(1 edit) (+6)(-1)

Wish there was some kind of warning about the non con in the most recent public update, ngl it made me kinda uncomfortable

will add warnings in future update


i feel like there should be a content warning for like borderline incest as well i played the game not expecting it and it made me really uncomfortable


Can you also remove the non-con?


poor Harold 😔


Eu só amo essa VN, eu to jogando agora e babando nessas beldades! Eu morreria se tivesse no lugar dele, que perfeição!

Thank you so much!

难道是因为没有出第三第四个画廊吗? 我无法解锁第三第四个画廊



能告诉我怎么才能开启支线呢,但我的上面写的是coming  soon








Just read the recent Public version and... O MY GOD. I knew there was a story brewing up after reading the side story and it did not dissapoint.

This game has a nice balance of having sex scenes whilst sharing some lore for the plot of the story. And THAT SIGMUND dream sequence 👌👌👌 kept me throbbing XD


Thank you so much! Love seeing people enjoy it!


Love this! Wonderful and endearing game


That ending though. Honestly I'm super hooked on this.


hey are you still working on dragon island  


Yes Dragon Island will get full release, so no monthly update on that

I can't unlock the fourth CG in the gallery, can anyone help me please

You should be able to unlock it by just playing Chapter 2 (Leopard's story). If you can't there might be an issue with the game?


you mean the side story?



How do you get the Fourth and final Gallery pic?


Me and my fellow broke people are crying 😭


I can't wait for the next up date... When is it coming?


will be the  start of each month for Itch, follow me for update notice!


HAHAHAHAHA Not the dad walking in to the compromising position that they're in! I'm done hahahaha

Sorry to write another comment, but will you add a feature to the gallery images where you could replay the clips? or dialogues?


It's on the to do list, but will be focusing on making new contents for now


Woah, it became interesting with the events that transpire. The mystery element adds a nice touch 👌


Is there some guide? i have no idea how to unlock 2nd gallery pic or its not avaible in public? I took every possible choice to stay with Sigmund and it dont open it


everything in public version is unlockable, spend time with Sigmund is the right direciton

(1 edit)

Just finished "next level" story, there is a typo in uhh, hmm, let me remember- oh yeah! it's the typo from the couch part (I think, if not, sorry but find it!) the typo is 'Olde'- It was supposed to say Older, right? Overall, the story is good, great work! I'll give it a uhh, 7outta10 everything is nice, but my ass is destroyed. Anyway, Love your work!💙


Is MC a human or a furry ? Seeing the CG from the newest update, I assume MC is the gray wolf, but I thought I could check.

Would be great if there's an option to choose between human and furry MC.

all characters include MC are furry

=-= The MC in the newest update...is not he a Snow Leopard?


The MC is quite literally listed on the front page, and has been for weeks.

(3 edits) (+1)

Can't wait to see what this update has in store 🐆 Edit: (I corrected my anthro emoji mistake XD)



is it support Chinese?


hello, but in update 1.31, unfortunately, will the story with the dad and the dragon's son end?  Or will there just be a bonus story with other characters?  and the dragon story continues


Dragon story will continue, it's a side story to introduce new characters

hello, but in update 1.31, unfortunately, will the story with the dad and the dragon's son end?  Or will there just be a bonus story with other characters?  and the dragon story continues


Why can't Dad's CG be solved?


you have to spend more time with Sigmund + watch his movie of choice 


I do every choice with sigmund but i dont get sigmund CG (Sigmund action)


Step by Step:
Let Sigurd take delivery so you spend time with Sigmund
Bath with Sigmund
Watch the movie Sigmund want to watch, Sigmund will invite you to "sleep" on couch
Sleep on couch

oooh delivery, thats it. see i always choose cooking cuz he'd have such a happy response to it so assume that would get a +1 affection with him welp lol


About the head down stairs part I spend more time with the dad but the option is still locked for someone reason. I'm assuming it's a kind of a Bug.


Actually nvm already found how to unlock it

Sorry for the disturbance

How?? How do you unlocke it??

Just spend more time with Sigmund and with the video game part where you help Siggy just press "only if you shut up" or smth 

I did it, every choice to do with sigmund but it dont come out, maybe a bug or something, please help me out

You know the choice with siggy in his bedroom choose "Only so you'll shut up about it" then food choice any, the Gym choice "Siggy, stinks he should go first" then the Movie "I've been wanting to see Every Place Every time" then choice sleep on the couch... 


Is the dad CG not available in the public build or is there another way cause i can't seem to click the 

"Head down stairs"


It is in game, you have to spend more time with Sigmund + watch his movie of choice 

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