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Lunch with Ronan is a NSFW standalone side story of Notes of Hearts, where you take on the role of Ronan's co-worker.

Support PC, Android and Mac
Language: English, 简体中文


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Version 2.1 notes

- Follow up stories and multiple endings
- 加入了后续的剧情和多种结局

- New visual for player character and other new side characters
- 加入了主角立绘和更多角色

- 3+ new nsfw scenes with CG and sounds
- 加入了多个新的色色场景并且多数有搭配音画 

Version 1.1 notes

 - Added Simplified Chinese language option, translation provided by @Pankazzz 

- 在设置里面加入了简体中文选项,感谢@Pankazzz提供翻译

Art & Character - @KulPlant Writer - @RabidRbbit

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(155 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBara, Eroge, Furry, furry-nsfw, Gay, muscle, NSFW, Porn, rhino


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LunchwithRonan-2.1-mac.zip 277 MB
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lunchwithronan.stagstudio-210-universal-release.apk 327 MB

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good game


It was good game


Can anyone tell me how many nsfw endings and scenes are there?

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"


How to get tentacles scene?


Why does Rohan look familiar? I swear I've seen him outside of this game before...

come from heart of notes

Based on  this short story I can tell that this will turn out to be an amazing game.


dunno if this is right place to ask but is NoH dead? The site link isn't working.


No on their Twitter they still are adding more to the game but as far as the site it's loaded with viruses.


is there a way i can view the cgs without any ui?


Hide bottom for android
Press H on keyboard for PC/Mac


Is their parts blurred out?


It's not in-game


Dinner was definitely a surprise. .3.





The tentacles. I mean cooking scene. so Damn hot! if this game get extra scene for exploring more of Ronan Kinks. I love to support that 👏


I see tentacles, something tells me imma enjoy this update xP hehe


Quando vai chegar a próxima atualização do jogo aqui e no patreon


When is the next update?






android when?
my pc can't play

I loved Ronan so much, he is so hot and handsome, btw, there will be an update on this game? It's because i want to give him "dinner" 🥴❤❤

I'm wondering if a new version will be released soon please give me an answer

(1 edit)

new and final update are WIP, it's much bigger than the current version so it takes some time



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You can use Joiplay. After you download Joiplay just download the pc version and then extract it somewhere. And then from Joiplay, search for the game and add it. Be warned, mine works just fine but it might not work correctly with every phone.

Btw, this can also work for some RPGmaker and twine games.

But what files that you pick? Can I know? 

I mean, what is the name of the files that you pick? 

BTW, I extract the files using zarchiver 

Pick the .exe file. If there are two, pick the one for 64 bit.





I believe PC version is compatible with Linux

thank you


This great game I love it 


i want to Android download it game pls


Incredible! So goodddd, i love :3



(2 edits) (+2)(-3)

I loved,💗😆😆🤭I'm so excited about the upcoming projects you have.Or more of it😉💗